Being a woman around the world

My name is Ethel Karskens and I'm a twenty-four-years-old woman from Brussels (Belgium). I have addressed identity matters in former works as short fictions published in France and in my book "American Macadam", released with the Editions Couleur Livres in December 2015. 

Alongside my studies at the Solvay Business School (Brussels), I have participated in platforms as Cafebabel or Spotted by Locals. My favorite subjects were travelling, street protests or economy. In addition of those, one recurrent theme of these articles, my stories and my photogaphies is the marginality that women and men choose to fulfill their dreams. To me, their evasion gives a particular texture to their destiny and, whatever were their beliefs, their education and their hopes, their eyes spread the same soft madness, beauty in a squared world. 

WHAT is a WOMAN is a way to approach the women's world, understand its issues and responsibilities. This project is for me the next logical step to these identities issues. The notable difference is my will to ask the question on an international level and therefore talk about women's rights, how these rights are interpreted and what are the means by which we fight against abuses. Through WHAT is a WOMAN, I also want to paint the picture of the woman. Does the feminine gender limit life's choices? Does it impact women's destinies and does that impact vary with cultures, religions and communities? Is a woman's destiny prisoner of the choices that society had made for her before her birth?